Goodbye, Soda!

As many of you may know, soda is TERRIBLE for your health. I have always known soda was bad for me, but for some odd reason I kept drinking it. I did a little research to give me a reality check and let me just say… I am completely done with soda! I am strictly drinking water, tea, and juice from now on. Here’s some things I’ve learned after I did a little research:

  • Soda is the most acidic beverage you can buy, with a pH of about 2.5, about the same as vinegar. Why does that matter? Acid oxidizes whatever it comes in contact with. If you put soda or vinegar on metal, it will rust it quickly. Imagine what it can do to your body!
  • Drinking soft drinks are a major factor leading to osteoporosis, definitely not good for us ladies. It drains the calcium from our bones, leaving them weak and brittle.
  • It dissolves your tooth enamel AND increases your risk for obesity by 1.6 times.

The other day I was actually talking to my friend about how I drink so much soda and how she had the same problem and she mentioned how her mom hated that. Her mom then told us that they actually used to use soda to clean batteries! Like clean the corrosion of a battery. Soda is pure acid and I cannot believe I have been putting that in my body almost every day. So here’s my pledge to no more soda, who’s with me? :)

-xoxo, Dianna <3


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